Getting Started With HME E-Mail

Setting up your first e-mail account.

Hosting Made Easy use Interworx as it’s chosen Control panel, the client side is called Siteworx.

To access your account via Siteworx and setup your e-mail addresses you will need to login. 

Login with your email address and password provided when you signed up for your account.

Scroll down to the EMAIL section.

Click on Add an E-mail Box (black & white envelope with a plus sign).

Add your E-mail Address and Password.

You have the option to send the e-mail received to another E-mail address.

Click on the ADD button.

Your email address has been created.

How To Update Your Password.

If you forget or need to reset your e-mail password, login to your Siteworx control panel with the steps above, and click on Mailboxes.

Click on the angled pencil icon to edit your E-mail box

Enter your new password and click the save button.

You also have the option to set an out of office e-mail response if required.

How to add your new e-mail address to Outlook.

With Microsoft Outlook open, click on File >Add Account.

Enter your new e-mail address and click on the connect button.

Choose IMAP from the list.

Enter your IMAP account settings.

Incoming mail
Password: your-password
Port: 143
Encryption Method: STARTTLS
Tick: Require login using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)

Outgoing mail
username: user@example
Password: your-password
Port: 587
Encryption Method: STARTTLS
Tick: My Outgoing (SMTP) server requires Authentication
Tick: Use same settings as my incoming mail server

Note: Replace with your domain name.

Enter your IMAP Account Password you setup when creating your e-mail address, and click the connect button.

You e-mail account will be saved and available in Outlook.